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Dr. Korman's new GEARED2bewell classes!!

 For those of you who have tried to lose weight, only to gain it back when you start to fall off of your wagon, or for anyone who just needs a little extra push!  Dr. Korman will be hosting classes for GEARED2bewell members on Tuesday nights  

This class will be helpful for those not as “tech-savvy” and those who prefer a hands on approach. We will be following the online program, but at a slower pace, and with the opportunity to ask Dr. Korman questions in person.

If this class sounds like it is right for you, contact our office at (941)-629-6700

to reserve your spot, or to learn more information!

We look forward to helping YOU better yourself through our life changing GEARED2bewell program!


     Dr. Laura Korman and her husband Brian Korman can be found at the well known conference, Low Carb USA from January 18th-January 21st.  What is Low Carb USA you ask?  Low Carb USA is an annual conference made up of the world's top medial and scientific minds that come together and collaborate on treating and preventing disease through nutrition.  This conference will be held on the other coast of Florida, in West Palm Beach!  Our GEARED2bewell team will be running our own GEARED2bewell booth with small prizes to give away, along with a few limited-edition complete Keto Kits, for FREE!

Although we will miss the Korman's working with us on Friday, January 19th, we are excited for them to attend Low Carb USA and are eager to hear the new information they learned once they arrive back on Monday morning!

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page @ www.facebook.com/cleanandketo/  for updates from the Korman’s while they are attending Low Carb USA and more!

Our office wanted to start the New Year off right, by hosting one of our great weight loss seminars on Saturday, January 6th.  We had a great turn out of two COMPLETELY full classes and a wait list for our upcoming class, to be determined.  

We are thankful and proud of all whom attended in regards to improving their health in 2018 and many years to come!

For those of you who could not make it, but wanted to, stay tuned!  We will be hosting another seminar soon!  Keep up with our Facebook page and our website for more information.


Being a part of Santa to a Senior

     Korman Relief & Wellness center made magic happen with Home Instead, Senior Care.  We again hosted a holiday wreath, displaying a variety of gift tags labeled with special requests from the senior citizens of our community.  These Christmas wish items were be anything from a pair of fuzzy slippers, to a cozy blanket, to a tin of cookies.  Whatever that item may be, it brought the magic and spirit of Christmas into the hearts of those that received it!

No senior was forgotten this year!

Thanks to all who participated in helping us share with them the miracles of Christmas!

Celebrate the Holidays With Spa Specials!

Our office was featuring specials on massage AND essential oils for the whole month of December! 

Our Signature Massage was a 60 minute massage with essential oils, hot towels, and topped off with hot stones on one area of choice.  "Holiday Zen" was our signature oil of the month but may be substituted based on availability of oils.                                                                                                     $70.

Our Therapeutic Massage was a traditional 60 minute massage at our special discounted holiday rate.  


Our Essential Oils Gift Set included (1) 10 ml essential oil "blend" and (1) 10 ml inhaler.                  Prices vary based on blend.  Mix and match available.                                                                          $20-35 per set.

This promotion only lasted the month of December so next time, take advantage of the offer while you can!


"Come Drink to Your Health at Korman Relief & Wellness Center"

PORT CHARLOTTE- Korman Relief & Wellness Center recently hosted an instructional class on how to ferment your own food, which included sending home samples for all attendees present!  They were back at it again! Dr. Laura Korman invited Jillian Ross, the "fermentation lady", back to present a new class on making your own kombucha tea!  This delicious tea is very versatile and can be made with a variety of flavors, all while providing the same healthy benefits of eating fermented foods.

     On Saturday, November 18th, Korman Relief & Wellness Center hosted this exciting and special class on how to ferment your own kombucha tea.  Not only did attendees learn how to ferment, but they also were able to sample some delicious and festive “flavors of fall” kombucha.  AND it did not stop there!  They also got to take home their very own piece of Scoby, which allowed attendees to begin making their own kombucha at home!  

     This class was held on Saturday, November 18th at 11:45 am.  The cost was $15 per person and included a starter Scoby to take home! Space was limited!  For more information, contact Korman Relief & Wellness Center at 941-629-6700.

Fermenting -  The process of converting carbohydrates to alcohol or organic acids using microorganisms—yeasts or bacteria—under anaerobic conditions.

Kombucha - A gelatinous mass of symbiotic bacteria and yeasts grown to produce a fermented beverage held to confer health benefits.

​Fermeting is a form of food or drink that acts like a natural probiotic and works on your gut, helping to aid your body with digestion.  The live bacteria is all natural and a healthy form of bacteria that is good for your stomach. Some forms of fermented food are good for your liver and detoxification, like Kombucha.  In the past, we held a fermenting class on how to make your own sauerkraut.  This form of fermented food is a Korman Relief & Wellness favorite!  Some of our staff like to eat it before our lunch to help our gut digest the food we eat!  Kombucha is another staff favorite! Recently, we all enjoyed a little taste of the Korman's homemade kombucha.  Some flavors included mango, cucumber and dill, blackberry, and many more!!  

This is a class you DID NOT want to miss out on!  Seats filled up, and fast!

Need more supplements?

Xymogen products can now be ordered direct and delivered right to your door!  No more having to drive to our office.  No more worrying about your supplement being in stock.  No more heading back up North for the summer and wondering if you will run out of your most needed supplements!

Visit our “Supplements" tab or click here to learn how to re-order your supplements!

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