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Feedback From Our Patients!

At Korman Relief & Wellness Center, we sincerely thank you for sharing your stories, so other people can benefit from chiropractic and wellness care.  We pride ourselves in the quality of health care given in this office, and, as a direct result, most all of our patients are referred to us by their friends and loved ones. 

If you have experienced the benefits of our care, please share the knowledge you have gained with others, so they, too, may benefit.  

Thank you for sharing your experiences, and thank you for referring your friends and loved ones to our office.  We offer to you our continued commitment to provide relief and wellness to all who enter our building!


Dr. Korman and the Staff at Korman Relief & Wellness Center

Our Patients Say....

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness due to Pain in my neck, back and feet.  I had been needing help for about a year.  It slowed me down and kept me from doing some of the things I wanted to do.  I found out about Korman’s from the sign out front of the office.  My problem has been helped!  My back and neck are much better and my feet are getting better.  I am able to get out more and do more things!

~ Barbara  1/2018

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness due to my right knee popping, being sore, and having pain.  I heard about their office from Val Pak and have been wanting help with my knee problem for 3 months.  It was difficult for me to do daily things, like walking my dog.  Since I began treatment at Korman Relief & Wellness, I have had significant improvement with almost no pain in my knee.  The laser therapy is great!  It provides instant relief that lasts after it is used for repeated treatments.  Their GEARED2bewell program is a great guide for healthier eating too!"

~ Denise 01/02/18

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness due to numbness and cramping in my hands, feet, and legs.  I have had this condition for 10 years and my neuropathy got so bad that I was not able to hold a fork and knife when eating and was having trouble being able to write.  The symptoms were random, I never knew when they were going to occur.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness Center helping neuropathy through  a newspaper ad.  My cramping and numbness is now almost completely gone and I am very pleased to no longer experience foot/leg cramps in bed."

~Barbara 12/20/17

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness due to peripheral neuropathy in my feet.  The symptoms of Neuropathy came upon me in early September of 2017.  Other doctors listened to me, but did not give me a concrete treatment plan in order to help my condition.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness from an ad in the Sebring Sun Newspaper.  Korman Relief & Wellness Center used a comprehensive approach to reduce inflammation in my whole body.  They used a combination of Dr. Korman's GEARED2bewell ketogenic diet plus Infared, Laser, and Electrical stimulation treatments to aid in healing of deep muscle and nerve endings.  My legs have much more circulation now and I haven't experiences anymore muscle cramping.  Korman Relief & Wellness also has an excellent staff who listened and gave excellent suggestions.  I absolutely wanted others to know about how their office has helped me!"

~Fidel 12/15/17

"My 77 year old husband had a severe hip (femur) break on May 6 of this year. 6 months ago today he could not get out of bed without a safety belt and TOTAL help. He could take only a step or two. Today, he rode his bike again for the first time since he broke!  

THANK YOU DR. KORMAN for your compassionate care and concern. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and Laser therapy that my husband received at your clinic was, I’m certain, instrumental in getting us to this point (together with his months of physical therapy.) His last X-ray showed new bone growth completely around the rod and hardware from his hip joint to the knee joint. The separation of the femur from the hip is also filling in with bone. The surgery scars are negligible, the muscle is healing (after the slicing through it during surgery), and strength is returning to that muscle. 

The healing, from the bone outward, has been tremendous, according to his surgeon. The X-rays are amazing. Although still on a small 4-legged cane, he doesn’t have a balance problem or a limp. He is healing beautifully!

Between God’s Graciousness and Dr. Korman’s state-of-the-art therapies, we enjoyed our first bike ride in 6 months, riding for 25 minutes and going about 4 miles. This was the goal my husband gave his doctors who asked what his expectations and goals were. He wanted to ride his bike again! Today, that vision was realized.

Thank you, God, for bringing Dr. Korman to our lives to assist us through this difficult event. Denis’s healing was accelerated thanks to her wisdom, care, concern, and therapies! We are so grateful and wanted to share our joy with other patients!"

~ Connie 11/20/17

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because I was having lower back pain and weakness in my legs.  I have had these problems for a long time now and I called once I saw their ad in the Charlotte Sun newspaper.  The Deep Tissue Laser therapy and other therapies relieved my back pain completely and my legs are stronger.  I can now walk 4 blocks without any pain or feelings of my legs giving out. "

~Helen 11/3/17

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because I was having lower back/glut pain and did not know who to see.  I was not able to walk without a walker before I began treatment at Korman Relief & Wellness.  I saw one of their ads in the Newspaper and I called to schedule an appointment.  I have been coming twice a week for four weeks so far and I feel much better, with not too much pain.  The Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is what really helped get my back out of pain.  Now I am not using my walker and I am able to exercise in the pool."

~ Patricia 10/2/17

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because my hands and feet were in pain due to neuropathy which I did not know I had until my primary doctor diagnosed it and Dr. Korman confirmed.  I have been wanting help with this problem at least one year, but I thought the problem was something else.  I was unable to do the every day things, such as washing dishes, ironing, chopping vegetables.  I couldn’t work on beading or other arts and crafts, either.  Walking was painful and I could not ride my bicycle.  I learned about Korman Relief and Wellness Center from my husband who read an article in the paper advertising their services with a summer special.  My problem has been helped, YES!!  I began the Deep Tissue Laser treatment along with the HakoMed Horizontal Electrotherapy and Infrared lights on both my hands and feet.  I felt relief on the very first visit.  I now am back to gardening, walking, and enjoying my arts and crafts.  This treatment really works, and I would like others to know.”

~ Elsa  8/23/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness to relieve pain from plantar fascitis and heel spurs. I used the Laser and Ultrasound therapies.  I was in pain for 1 year was still in pain after seeing a podiatrist and getting cortisone shots.  I had no relief until getting a series of laser and ultrasound treatments.  I was a previous chiropractic patient of Dr. Korman’s.  My problem has been absolutely helped!  I can again walk barefoot and without pain and can stand / walk for an hour or more without pain.  I am still in treatment but look forward to being able to golf 18 holes again.  Dr. Korman and and staff are truly a blessing.”

~ Gloria 8/17/2017

" I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness to relieve pain in my Right, great toe and for numbness of both feet - poor balance.  I have been wanting help with this problem for 6 or 7 months and was afraid of falls.  My problem has been helped by Korman Relief & Wellness.  After 1 treatment the pain in my toe has gone.  Numbness is somewhat less!"

~ Dorothy 7/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness to redeem a birthday gift certificate from my mom, which was the best gift ever!  I was visiting her and my sister, who come here often and love it!  I haven’t had a massage in years.  Dena was amazing.  She was attentive to areas that I told her were bothering me (i.e., paraformas injury) and I specifically explained I didn’t like deep tissue.  She gave a relating, yet firm massage.  I feel wonderful!”

~ Deborah 7/29/17

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for increasing back pain.  It was becoming hard to function daily, as some days I could only limp around.  I have experienced this problem for 1-2 years.  I have had problems most of my life, but it has been bearable until one or two years ago.  I was not aware of my curvature problem.  After looking on “Google” for best and most services in Chiropractic help, I was lead to Dr. Laura Korman’s office.  My problem has been helped!  I have to say, I was a big skeptic, but this was my last resort.  The good results I had after two weeks is astounding to me.  Dr. Korman is knowledgeable, kind, and thorough.  The compression table REALLY works to loosen and lengthen the spine.  The laser treatment really helps with discomfort.  I hope sharing my story may help others.”

~ Sheila 

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because of my very poor diet and the fact that I am overweight.  I have back and leg problems due to being overweight.  I have been wanting help for 10 years.  The nutrition program offered by Dr. Korman’s office has helped by back and leg problems, and I have lost 16 lb in just 3 weeks and 4” off my waist.  I feel a lot better.”

~ Paul 7/15/2017

“I wrote a positive review on your web page, but feel that those statements did not accurately express my sincere and deep appreciation for all you have done with me.  The quality of my life has improved dramatically thanks to your compassionate care.  I feel so much better than when I first walked into your office.  Thank You!  Also your accessibility is much appreciated.  This is the best medical care I have ever experienced.

And, of course, your staff is as pleasant and caring as you are...a fine reflection of your beliefs and mission.  Again, thank you.  I feel great!”

~ Bob 3/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness to address the loss of feeling in my feet and hands that I’ve had for 1 year.  I have had some improvement with the feeling in my feet, and a little lost pain in my hand after 11 treatments.”

~ Paul 7/5/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness to try and avoid surgery.  I have had 10 years of knee pain and limping.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness through the newspaper.  After seeing Dr. Korman, I left the office with no pain!”

~ James 7/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for nutrition guidance for overall health and weight loss.  I have battled with being overweight since childhood.  This caused depression and frustration and overall feeling of unwell.  My hairdresser recommended Korman Relief & Wellness.  Yes!  Dr. Korman’s knowledge and guidance has been priceless.  In 4 months of ‘living the ketogenic lifestyle,’ I’ve lost 23 lbs, gained control of my cravings, decreased (significantly) the occurrence of headaches and I feel healthy. My lab work has improved and I couldn’t be happier!

Total Inches Lost Overall 18 

Also: Reduction in Thyroid Antibodies / Clearer Skin / Better Sleep / More Energy / Control Over Hunger”

~ Jamie 2/4/17

“Because they were local, I live 5 minutes away from Korman Relief & Wellness Center.  My wife went there to do her chiropractic care when she was pregnant!  For a very long time I was always wanting a massage therapist that could make my life and body more relaxed and healthy.  I would drive by and always saw the Wellness Center, and that they did massage there.  I feel I have been helped by Korman Relief & Wellness!  Dena, the massage therapist’s hands are magical.  She not only gave me exceptional service, her personality and courtesy was also amazing! The entire staff is amazing!! "

~ Robert 6/2017

“Dr. Korman & Associates knows how to take care of their patients.  From the initial office visit to the final therapy, I was completely satisfied.  I did not have to have surgery after all.  The entire staff is very friendly and all work well together as a team."

~ Douglas  6/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for Pain in my shoulder / neck / arm / hand - all due to turning my arm wrong at the bank drive-through.  I could not turn my head to the left fully.  I have had this problem for one month (I thought it would work itself out).  I could not find a comfortable (pain-free) position to sit, drive, lie down, or sleep.  The pain was AGONIZING.

A neighbor told me about Dr. Korman.  I did not want to go to a Chiropractor without a first-hand recommendation.  I can finally be at rest!  I have been helped by Korman Relief & Wellness!  I noticed great improvement after the first visit.  I am pain free.  I can drive, and sit up straight.  I think I walk more upright, too.  I have good mobility.  Thank you!”

~ Joan  5/2/17

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness Center for severe, right side, sciatica and lower back and right leg pain.  It began in December of 2016 on Airlines flight.  I came to Dr. Korman on March 23 for 11 Laser treatments.  I learned of Dr. Korman through a large newspaper ad pinpointing my sciatica and a proposed treatment.  My problem has been helped by Korman Relief & Wellness Center.  The Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and Chiropractic have gradually reduced my pain and has allowed me to sleep well at night.  Slight pain remains but it is manageable with Lanacain and BioFreeze products.  I absolutely wish to share my experiences so others may know the benefits of Dr. Korman’s health care services.”

~ Norman 4/19/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for relief from vertigo, headaches and dizziness.  It had been going on for over two weeks and it had totally incapacitated me.  I was unable to walk, drive or function normally.  My wife knows Dr. Korman and recommended her.  Dr. Laura Korman dramatically improved my life.  After adjusting my spine and neck, I felt tremendously relieved and the dizziness was gone.”  

~ Larry 4/17/2017

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for lower back, leg and sciatica pain.  I have been wanting help well over a year.  The pain restricted walking over a mile; riding for more than an hour; sitting, standing more than an hour and golfing.  I saw an advertisement in the local paper for Laser Therapy.  My problem has been helped, yes.  After several treatments with decompression and deep tissue laser, I am able to walk farther and ride for longer periods of time.  I am able to resume other activities and return to the gym without pain.”

~Bernadette 4/8/17

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for a possibly torn rotator cuff from 15-20 years ago.  Recently I began having some mild pain with use of my shoulder.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness Center from a newspaper ad. My problem has been helped and I now have some lessening of the shoulder pain.”

~Richard 3/22/17

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for severe pain in my right hip and leg. I had been experiencing this pain for five years.  I heard about Korman Relief and Wellness from the newspaper, where they had an ad for Laser Therapy.  The Laser Therapy did help my problem.  It gave me my social life back and my exercising.  I now have more energy!”

~ Sharon  2//28/17

‚Äč“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for a pain in the right knee I had experienced for over two years.  I’ve received gel shots twice and they were no help.  I have taken Alieve twice a day.  I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness from the newspaper where they had an ad for Laser Therapy.  After just one treatment I am sleeping all night with no pain!  Once again, I am walking around our park with no pain!”

~ Shirley 2/23/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because I had tingling, sharp pain in my left elbow.  I had been experiencing this problem for 18 months.  I heard about the office through my local newspaper. After my first Laser Therapy treatment, my pain pretty much subsided.  After the succeeding recommended treatments, the problem has been relieved.  I absolutely want others to know about the benefits of the Laser Therapy treatments at Korman Relief & Wellness Center.

~ Tom  2/2/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for pain in the knee due to osteoarthritis.  Since July, 2016, I have had significant pain, limited walking, and could not bend my knee.  I was hobbling around and could no longer perform normal functional movement.  I saw an ad for Korman Relief & Wellness in the Sun Newspaper and also they were a sponsor for the “Empty Bowls” program.

Dr. Korman used the “Myoneural Technique” with me, and my problem has been helped greatly!  Dr. Korman helped my body to relearn how to move my body correctly.  I am very grateful. With the help of Laser Therapy, my pain is now gone!”

~Joann  2/1/2017

“I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness because I was hurting BAD in my right shoulder down the same arm, elbow and top of hand.  I have been coming to Dr.K for 2 to 2-1/2 years. When I first explained my pain, Dr. got to checking and said I had a sprained rotor cuff.  I found Dr. Korman from her building sign.  I have had 3 Laser Therapy treatments and its been awesome!  Who would think such a small device could do so much!  I have 3 more treatments to go and right now I feel I’ll be 100%”

~ Judy 1/2017

“ I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for the conditions of low energy, weight gain, and acid reflux.  I have been wanting help since 2 years ago.  Since I felt bad, I was in a depressed mood.  I learned about Korman Relief and Wellness by driving by.  I have felt improvement withing 3 days.  I am now happier and more energetic!”

~ Bob 1/2017

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for shoulder and back pain due to a car accident.  I got in a car accident in November, and the pain was affecting my everyday activities.  My problem has been helped a lot, by Korman Relief & Wellness.  My pain has been greatly diminished and has even almost completely gone."

~ Stacey  12/2016

"I sought help from Korman Relief & Wellness on 2 occasions, for neck & shoulder pain and again for severe sciatic pain.  I had been wanting help with the neck problem for about 8 months and for the sciatic, I sought help immediately.

I first came for neck pain (due to a free diving accident) that was shooting down my shoulder to where I couldn't lift my arm above shoulder height.  This was an issue for me for about 8 months when we discovered Korman Relief & Wellness Center.  After about 3 weeks of treatment, my neck feels better than it did before I hurt it.

When I pinched my sciatic nerve, I couldn't even get out of bed.  Dr. Korman was there for me every single day that I could make it in.  Now, I'm happy to say, after only 10 days I am almost completely recovered!

~ Scott 12/2016

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for ongoing chiropractic and weight loss.  I have struggled with my weight all my life.  I have never been able to get past sugar/carb cravings but this program (The Ketogenic Experience) has been (for a lack of better words) 'a piece of cake!'  

The guidance and keto products were the only thing that made my success possible.  I have lost 40 lbs and many inches!  It really feels like it is just falling off!"

~Whitney   12/2016

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for the pain in my feet I've had for 5 years.  The pain made it difficult to walk.  I heard about your office from a newspaper ad.  After receiving [Deep Tissue Laser Therapy] treatment at Korman Relief & Wellness, I am able to be pain free with no burning in my feet.  I am now able to go to the gym and play golf!"

~ Murray    12/2016

"I am utilizing the following services at Korman Relief & Wellness Center: Chiropractic; Keto & Beyond; Nutrition; and Massage.  What brought me to the Wellness Center was unbearable neck pain, headaches, deformity in spine, and mild scoliosis.  I have been dealing with these conditions for 15 years or so, which has been miserable.

I heard about Korman Relief & Wellness Center from a Holistic Doctor I was seeing in Sarasota.  She has helped me immensely with the following problems:

1) Tests

2) Trigger Point Therapy

3) Headaches

4) Hip & Leg problems

5) Rotator cuff, arthritis, and scoliosis

6) Disc degeneration by aligning my spine and neck

7) Giving the proper nutrition my body needed to ward off digestive problems

8) Advising me as to which supplements would help me best.

~ Pauline 11/2016

"I sought help at Korman Relief & Wellness for neck and lower back pain.  I had been wanting help  for at least 30 years, during which time these issues got progressively worse.  A friend recommended Korman Relief & Wellness.  I now have absolutely 100% less pain due to a combination of chiropractic, laser therapy and massage."                                                

~ Carmella 11/2016

" I could not move my neck and was in extreme pain. I sought out immediate help.  I couldn't take care of my family or any of my duties.

A friend referred me to Korman Relief & Wellness Center.  My problem was helped!  I am on well visits, about every 4-5 weeks.  I feel great and can do all of my things I did before I was hurt."

~Tricia 10/2016                                                                     

"I was experiencing back/neck pain, and hand pain w/carpal tunnel in both hands.  I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel at age 26. I have had surgery on my left hand and PT for carpal tunnel, back and neck pain.    I suffered 2-3 years, while going through various treatments for my hands.  There was not too much done for my back/neck, other than stretches and OTC pain relievers. Now, at age 32, it is managed, and I am able to do daily things, like opening jars, typing, etc.

I heard about Dr. Korman due to her location and from prior patients. My sister was a patient many years prior.

My back and neck pain have been eliminated by monthly visits for regular chiropractic adjustments.  My hand pain is gone, with adjustments, massage and nutrition management.

Dena is an amazing massage therapist.  She is able to work out muscular knots and encourage blood circulation, while providing a relaxing environment and ensuring patient comfort."  

   ~ Barbie 10/2016 

 "I came to Korman Relief & Wellness with stomach aches, sleeping problems, concentration difficulties, acne, skin problems and headaches.  I have suffered these issues for 12 years.  It has caused much frustration, and stress at school, making it a struggle for me to get B's.  Homework took me hours; school was frustrating.

My grandmother referred me to Korman Relief & Wellness.  Dr. Korman, offered nutrition services to me and the results were life changing!  I now fall asleep within a half hour of going to bed.  I am a 'straight A' student!  I am experiencing no stomach aches.  My face is clear, as is my skin.  I have no headaches.  I now laugh and have fun.  Homework is easy!  

   ~ Elizabeth  10/2016

"I injured my right hand - pulled tendons and ligaments and bruised the bone.  I suffered for a week.  The fall prevented me from doing normal daily skills: writing, holding a cup, getting dressed, blow drying my hair, and some of the things we take for granted.

I am a current chiropractic and nutrition patient.  I was originally referred by my massage therapist.

My laser treatments have absolutely helped!!  Swelling was gone after the first treatment, and I could bend my hand! Movement was restored!  After each treatment it got better.  I was able to do a little more each day.  

I know I would NOT have healed this well or this quickly without the Laser treatments. I now want to Laser my whole body!

  ~ Megan 10/2016

"Basically, I am a follower of 'Life Chiropractic".  Everything affecting your body emanates through the spinal cord   Subluxations can can occur at anytime.  They cause pain and discomfort.  Thus, Dr. Korman assists in alleviating these issues.

My suffering all came to the forefront in 1971 in New Jersey, and it has been kept in check with regular weekly adjustments.  I can't exactly remember, but back in 2009 I needed to keep up the chiropractic regimen, and here I am, still.  Thank God!

Certainly my situation has been helped by Chiropractic.  When various ailments come along, they are short lived, or are kept in check.  I know when extra visits are needed, and Dr. Korman is extremely accommodating!

 ~ Kenneth 10/2016

"I have both back and neck pain.  Every time I have an adjustment, it helps take the pain away.  I have been suffering from it for a couple of years.  When the pain was worse, it made it difficult to do some activities.  

We met Dr. Korman through the Chamber and Business Women of North Port.  By having adjustments done, it helps to prevent my back and neck pain.  It also helps to prevent headaches, which results in a better quality of life."

 ~ Amber 10/2016

"I have had lower back pain for several years.  I would take Tylenol and/or Aleve, but the problem never went away.  It would always come back.  

I have had this condition for several years.  Some days, I could do nothing but try to relax.  If I worked in the yard or cleaned house, the next couple of days I could do nothing at all.  

 My husband started going to have treatments, and I saw how dramatically it helped him get around much better than he had before!

Chiropractic has helped tremendously.  I can get yard work and house work done again.  No lower back pain like before.  I should have gone to see Dr. Korman sooner.  She has helped my problem with my back.

Chiropractic works!"

~Donna 5/16 

"I had extreme pain under my right shoulder blade previous to visiting Dr. Korman for healing.  I had tried acupuncture, acupressure, trigger point injections, massage, etc.  (The) laser treatments completely solved my pain issue!  I'm so grateful!"

 ~ Joan

"After just one laser treatment the pain was diminished and I had my first full night of sleep in several weeks."  

 ~ Merry 

"My best friend, Amanda, recommended I see Dr. Korman.  I have been able to reduce my pain medicines by over 75% since I started seeing her.  I feel as though there is hope again, and knowing I won't be in pain the rest of my life is amazing."                      

~ Michelle 

"Little did I realize how much my life would change as a result of my visits to Dr. Korman   Not only was she able to asset and help my physical needs, but she very quietly and non-judgmentally helped me address my weight issues.  I wish I could admit that I immediately followed her suggestions, but, after a few months and some very sincere soul-searching on my part, I was committed to changing a few of my very unhealthy eating habits.

I think the most enjoyable aspect of eating changes occurred after the food testing program and her willingness to suggest actual food products available in local stores.  Dr. Korman has a 'wealth of information' for practical brand products, internet web-sites, and current healthy trends.  After years of food toxins in my body, I can 'feel' the difference in my energy levels and over-all general well-being.

Dr. Korman and her staff provided support but without pressure, which, to someone overweight, that is a true blessing.  I am extremely grateful for their support and am committed to a better lifestyle."

 ~  Paula  4/2016

"I had 4-5 months of left knee problems, such as problems walking, getting up and down stairs, and getting out of a car.  I was referred by a friend to Dr. Korman and have been a patient now for 7-8 years.

My problem has been helped by the laser treatments offered at Korman Relief and Wellness Center.  After just 3-4 treatments, I have not experienced any knee issue at all.  

 ~ Jim  3/2016

"After a hip replacement, I have had trouble walking and experience weakness in thigh muscles.  I also have a 'bad' back and loss of feeling in fingers and toes.  I had the hip replacement 2 years ago and did P/T therapy, but the muscle still remained weak.  I could not stand or walk more than 1 hour without pain in my back.  The problem with fingers and toes is still going on now, for a year.

My husband saw the ad in the Sun newspaper and thought I should try the specialized neurological technique which was advertised.  The neurological technique treating my sore thigh seems like a miracle in the pain relief.  My toes seem to be getting back more feeling, along with some relief in my fingers.  My back seems to be less painful with help from the laser treatments."

 ~ Dale  2/2016

"I had lower back pain that made it difficult to sit straight up in bed.  Due to the treatment Dr. Korman gives me, I can sit up in bed after a full night's sleep.  I have been suffering from this for about 2 years.  I had to roll out of bed in the morning.  I always had to have pillows behind my back when I sat on the chair or couch.  I heard about Dr. Korman from a co-worker.  Now, I can sit right up in the morning and when I pick up items from the floor or a shelf it doesn't hurt my lower back anymore, thanks to my visits with Dr. Korman." 

~ Dawn 6/2013

"Between 2008 and 2012 I had diverticulitis five times.  Each time the pain got worse.  That is why I sought help from Dr. Korman.  I have been wanting help for a long time.  I found Dr. Korman in the Physician and Medical guide.  Her nutrition plan has been wonderful.  I have lost 13 pounds in 6 months and have more energy than ever.  She explained in great detail the food I should eat and the food I should avoid.  She answered every question I had on nutrition.  No diverticulitis for 6 months!  I have a new lease on life!"                   

~ Fay  1/2013

"My major complaint was poor circulation, tingling, and pulsating pain constantly on the left side of my back and arm.  Physical activity was limited.  I could not walk more than 20 minutes.  I have been suffering with this condition for 2-3 years, resulting in a visit to the Emergency Room last spring, confusing signs similar to a heart attack or stroke.  I heard of Dr. Korman through a co-worker.  After the first adjustment the tingling was gone.  After 3 visits (adjustments),  I can now have daily walks of 35-40 minutes without pain.  I am able to do yard work again and I am not taking Aleve for pain every day."                      

~ Vicki  11/2013

"I was experiencing numbness in my right quad, as well as a heavy neck with restricted rotation.  In addition, debilitating spasms and weakness in my lumbar region; also debilitating were increased migraine headaches.  I started noticing leg numbness approximately one year ago, along with neck limitations.  The back spasms and increased migraines came about more recently.  These issues hindered my active and athletic lifestyle.  I drove past Dr. Korman's office one day and saw her marker.  I asked my family doctor about her and learned that he was her client!  My issues are being addressed and I am currently in treatment.  Numbness still exists, but annoying "fireworks" sensation is gone.  Neck is stronger with full rotation!  Back spasms have ceased!  Migraines have ceased!" 

~ Connie  9/2012

"I had major back and neck pain. I took a lot of prescribed pain meds and aspirin. I was suffering with this for many, many years. My life consisted of a lot of lost sleep, waking up 4-5 times weekly with headaches, and I have received multiple pain injections. I found Dr. Korman through my insurance company. After only receiving 3 adjustments I have not woken up with a headache, have not taken any pain meds and I'm more aware of my posture. Dr. Korman was looking for a 30% improvement and I feel 100% better with better knowledge of my "stressors". Plus I feel I grew an inch!"

 ~ Marilyn  08/2012

"Weight loss and reducing cholesterol were the main reasons I sought help from Dr. Korman. My doctor wanted me to take statin drugs. I had tried various diets, including a low carb diet which I was following at my first visit with Dr. Korman. I had been overweight almost 20 years. My cholesterol was high for the last eight. When I was on statin drugs I had muscle pain and I didn't want to repeat that experience. When I gave blood I received a coupon for a free body fat analysis (from Florida's Blood Centers) with Dr. Korman. Now, I am very close to my goal and my cholesterol is now normal. I am very relieved I do not have to take statins. 

 ~ Wendy  07/2012

"I had headaches lasting 1-5 days with increasing discomfort in my neck and shoulder. I took narcotics for pain and had a shoulder nerve block. I needed to know the cause and correct the condition. I had been suffering for approximately 4 years. It affected me by causing less energy, unable to exercise or go walking because that irritated my shoulder; my MD made me feel I was a hypochondriac. I heard about Dr. Korman from a friend. I've now been free of headaches for 3 weeks, my neck and shoulder discomfort relieved for 2 weeks. My energy has returned, I've been walking and exercising for a week, feeling "normal" and enjoying life to its fullest"

~ Lillian 05/2012

"I had terrible pain in my neck and left arm, and left thumb numbness. I couldn't sleep and had constant unrelenting pain. I had been suffering with this for about 2.5 weeks. My husband found Dr. Korman in the phone book for me. After the 4th adjustment the improvement was to such a degree that I almost cried! Just brushing my teeth (I'm a lefty) was a challenge for me. My shoulders are more level, neck is much looser, and the pain in my are is gone."

~ Tanya  03/2012

"I sought help for extreme fatigue and constant joint/muscle aches. My medical doctor said I may have an auto-immune disease, but there was nothing they could do until my symptoms got worse. I've been dealing with this for several years. It affected my life because I always felt too bad to do anything fun, and work was exhausting. I slept all the time, and even when awake, I felt tired and groggy. I found Dr. Korman in the phone book. She diagnosed me with gluten intolerance. I have been on a gluten-free diet for the past month and I feel wonderful. I have plenty of energy and am able to do all of the things I was missing out on before. I have the highest respect for Dr. Korman. She is a truly skilled healer. Her staff is kind and efficient. I recommend her to everyone I know."

~Aimee  03/2012

"I was feeling sluggish and tired all the time. I also had a lot of pain in my feet and legs. I was thinking it was just getting older. I had no idea it could be my diet. No other doctor bothered except to say "due to your age". I am a retired Tae kwondo instructor. Five years ago I noticed I was gaining weight and no amount of exercise seemed to help. My energy level was gone and I seemed more depressed and not wanting to do much of anything. I saw Dr. Korman's billboard by her new office and have gotten help from her. I am thrilled with the weight loss from the nutrition therapy. It is so easy to follow and log. My energy is back, pain is gone, and I am loving life again. Dr. Korman really cares and listens. This truly is a Wellness Center and I am so glad I found them. Her staff is wonderful and they offer so many different treatments. Let them help you!"

~ Pauline  1/2012

"I was extremely fatigued, and hurt all over with pain in different parts of my body. My MD ran all kinds of tests and told me I was in excellent health. I started to cry because how can I hurt all over and spend most of my day in bed and be in good health. I suffered from this condition for over a year, and I missed out on a lot of fun, trips, and my watercolor painting because of being in so much pain! It even hurt me to take a shower, the water hurt my arms. My niece was with me and said she thought I should see a chiropractor, so we came to see Dr. Korman. What a blessing she turned out to be. I'm very grateful to her for having my life back! I'm up all day and go to the dog park, dancing, exercising, ride my bike, and feel younger than I have in years. I'm 69 and feel great!"

~ Nancy 12/2011

"Neck and low back pain have been a part of my life for over 25 years and I have received chiropractic treatment off and on for about 20 years. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago and quickly realized that chiropractic adjustments, massage, and other therapies helped to ease the chronic pain I was experiencing. When I moved to North Port in 2009, the chiropractor I had in Sarasota recommended that I see Dr. Laura Korman for chiropractic care. Unfortunately, I did not call on her until November 2010, when I was in extreme pain with my low back and was using a cane to assist me when I walked. Dr. Korman thoroughly explained my x-rays and her proposed treatment plan. When she began my treatment, I quickly noticed my pain was easing and mobility improving and I regretted that I had not called for an appointment before I got into such bad shape. I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Korman for nearly one year and have experienced a drastic improvement, with much less pain in my neck and low back, and I have not needed the cane in several months. Everyone at Korman Relief and Wellness Center is professional, yet friendly, and I appreciate how well organized the staff and office are. I am thankful for the care I receive from Dr. Korman and her staff."

~ Lisa  10/2011

"I was having a stiff neck and severe headaches in the back of the head. I saw a medical doctor twice. He gave me pain pills, muscle relaxers, and nerve pills. None worked. I saw a massage therapist and still had no relief. I have suffered for 5 months with sleepless nights. My pain seemed worse at night and affected my everyday life as well as my work. A very good friend told me about Dr. Korman and I came to her for chiropractic care. After only 2 visits my neck is not stiff and I am able to sleep without pain for the first time in 5 months. I also have no headaches. It sounds impossible but believe me, it is true. I am living proof. No pain."

~Nellie 7/2011

"I had been going to a chiropractor for many years when I was young. Since I stopped doing sports I have not had many problems. Then I started having right lower back pain. I looked in the phone book for doctors and found Dr. Korman and made an appointment. The treatment has helped me very much and relieved me from the pain. I am very thankful to her."

~ Christa 6/2011

"My main reason for seeking nutrition help from Dr. Korman was to get my blood levels lower and to lose 20 lbs. I had been wanting help with this problem for about a year and then I found Dr. Korman in the phone book. Now, I look and feel better about myself and get much more done in my work and play."

~ Rosemarie   5/2011

"I was having a hard time turning around when driving and backing up and it hurt when getting up from bed or the sofa. I had many surgeries for 3 years and most of the time I was in bed. This year I felt better and decided to help myself get better and did. My girlfriend, Gloria, told me of Dr. Korman. Chiropractic has helped me. I can start walking a little bit more every day and do light housework."

~ Gisele  3/2011

"Prior to seeing Dr. Korman I favored my right side. Then I had a lot of pain in my lower back, severe at times, when doing chores, walking too far, or standing for too long. Then I would get pain in my legs. I would wake up at night because my hips would hurt when I rolled over. Getting out of bed was truly a challenge.

These problems have gradually been getting worse over the last six or seven years. I gradually stopped doing the things I enjoyed. For example, I stopped doing my yard work because of my back hurting. Then I stopped shopping because after walking for any length of time my back would hurt and my legs would hurt. I also stopped taking walks because of the pain. I stopped going in the ocean because I couldn't put all of my weight on my right side. Then it was a challenge to clean my floors or wash windows. My quality of life was just gradually coming to a stand still.

My friend, who is a patient of Dr. Korman's, recommended that I go to her, but I was too afraid of chiropractors. Then at the Women's Expo at the Cultural Center, Dr. Korman's practice was testing people to show how their body was aligned. Mine didn't have one place that was correct. This is when I made an appointment with Dr. Korman. Dr. Korman took x-rays and then showed me what was wrong with my back and neck. With her therapy and adjustments, I am still a work in progress, but I am much improved. It amazes me how chiropractic is giving me back quality of life."

~ Beverly  3/2011

"My major complaint was my lower and upper back. It was very painful with the nerve pain shooting down my left and right legs. I couldn't move my neck without pain or tenderness. I have been suffering with this for about 3 years, starting with a car accident and a manual labor job. I couldn't stand or sit long. I only felt relief laying on my back. I found Dr. Korman on the internet and have been helped by chiropractic. Following the doctor's orders and showing up for adjustments is the key. Do nothing that contributes to what has brought you to her in the first place. In two weeks I have no more pain."

~ Andrew  1/2011

"Before I went to see Dr. Korman I could not walk a great distance or turn my head from side to side without a lot of pain, but after seeing her in just a few treatments I was like a new person. I had been suffering with this pain since early September and my life was miserable. I heard about Dr. Korman from a friend of mine. I believe in chiropractic treatment and I would recommend Dr. Korman to anybody that had problems with their neck or back. My life has been great since I have been seeing her."

~ Richard  12/2010

"I am a 23 year old pregnant mother that has had persistent back pain. As I have gotten further along, my unborn child has had yet to go head down. Back pain has been present for a long time and constant through my entire pregnancy. I am now almost 35 weeks. I googled Chiropractor, Port Charlotte, Fl, and found Dr. Korman. Not only has my back pain decreased, but Dr. Korman did what's called the Webster technique (a technique to encourage the baby to go head down). She did it on a Tuesday, and that following Thursday went in for an ultrasound, and we saw that the baby was head down after one visit!"

~ Sarah 8/2010

"When Waylan was 2 weeks old he developed what our pediatrician said was reflux along with digestive issues. We went through a number of bottles of Mylicon, used a variety of natural gas reliefs, along with any suggestion we heard in hopes of providing some relief without using the prescription drug Zantac  He was fussy, uncomfortable seeming, and grunted a lot. This started when Waylan was 2 weeks old and continued until he saw Dr. Korman on a weekly basis.

I had been seeing Dr. Korman for adjustments while I was pregnant to obtain the best alignment for delivery, and for sciatic pain. She helped with both! Dr. Korman adjusted Waylan with palpitations using her fingers, and her little "air-gun". EVERY time she saw him Waylan would poop very shortly after and seemed so much more comfortable. Today, he is a very happy, very regular, adjusted little 4 month old!"

~ Waylan 8/2010 (in the words of his mom)

"I'm 81 years old. My major complaint was constant back pain, mostly on the lower right side, and off and on spasms while sitting, standing, and walking. I took prescription flexural and tramadol  also tylenol and ibuprofen pain reliever tablets. I noted for the past 4 to 5 years, while driving from Florida to Michigan, this pain gradually got worse. Finally, went to a doctor in August 2008. An x-ray exam of the lower spine disclosed degenerative disc disease. Pills were just temporary relief.

A special friend recommended Dr. Korman, who helped her recover much of her health. I was very skeptical of help because of my age. I am now a firm believer there is treatment available by a chiropractor who cares. After my third and fourth treatment, I could get up out of bed without pain. I walked without being bent over. I have stopped taking pills.

This would not have been possible without the treatments by Dr. Korman. I feel 100% better each day, physically and mentally. It's never too late to know the benefits of chiropractic."

~ Joseph   7/2010

"I had neck pain with very limited range of motion, pain between my shoulder blades, low back pain on occasion, fibromyalgia pain, and pre-menopause symptoms. I've tried over the counter pain meds to no avail, and the pain was overtaking my life. I have been feeling this way for a long time. It has been worsening since 'Charlie'. I just got to the point that I could no longer do much of anything without increasing pain, with loss of interest in everyday activities.

I knew of Dr. Korman by living in the neighborhood, and the yellow page ad (showing what she treats) covered all the problems I had. I have now become human again. I weeded my front garden this past weekend, the first time in two years. I have my life back now. I feel better every day. I'm doing more every day and all thanks to Korman Relief & Wellness Center."
~ Mary  4/2010

 "I had neck and shoulder pain that went down my arm, and my right shoulder was a lot lower than my left one. Physical therapy and injections did not help. I have had these problems for years. The pain would leave me tired and edgy. Sometimes I was unable to do things that I enjoyed.

Being snowbirds, I looked in the yellow pages to find someone to help me, and that is where I found Korman Relief & Wellness Center. The whole staff has been very helpful and dedicated to making this process a success. I am now pain free and my shoulders are now even. I plan on continuing chiropractic care when I return home, hopefully with the same, good results."

~ Karen  3/2010

"I was in a car accident, resulting in back surgery. I've been to different surgeons, pain management doctors, and was ready to give up. Nothing was helping. My accident was in July 2004 and surgery was in August 2007. Since the surgery I've been suffering just as much as before surgery. My best friend, Amanda, recommended I see Dr. Korman. I have been able to reduce my pain medicines by over 75% since I started seeing her. I feel as though there is hope again, and knowing I won't be in pain the rest of my life is amazing."

~ Michelle  3/2010

"My major complaint goes back to the year 2006. It was an excruciating pain which ran like an electric shock throughout my entire body. Mostly it was located in the lumbar region and my left leg, but there were often episodes of sharp needle stabs behind my right ear and down through the right side of my neck. My attempts to get help here in Southwest Florida were unsuccessful. After months of visits, my suffering still continued on a daily basis. Finally I sought help elsewhere.

I went to Waukegan, IL, and there Dr. Bruno was able to help me using his successful method on my spine. It took two visits to his office to free me from the chains of such incredible pain, but since I travelled so far, I wanted to assure myself and I asked Dr. Bruno to check me over two more times and re-line my spine before my departure back to Florida. He did to my complete satisfaction and I was free of pain for a long time.

My latest suffering started in August, 2009. This time however, it originated in my left leg as sciatica which after a few days pulled all the way from above my left ankle up to my upper leg, and after another several days, settled on the left side of my lumbar spine. In the beginning, I was able to manage the pain by taping my ankle and leg with stretch bandage and continue my necessary work. When the sharp pains started spreading upward, my life was affected a lot. When it occupied the entire left side of my lower body and started progressing upward to settle between my blades, I was completely cut off from an outside world. Also, I was unable to prepare my meals. To ease my pain, I would stretch on the hard mattress and/or floor.

When my husband was able to complete his research and find a good chiropractic doctor, as he assured me, I got my hope that I could be helped this time, like I was back in 2006 by Dr. Bruno in Illinois. And how right he was. Only I can testify to it. I blessed this moment many times already, coming to Dr. Korman.

Dr. Korman helped me in a big way. Presently I am free of pain and am able to resume my daily routine tasks and activities. There are days that I am on my feet for more than 10 hours a day. At the end of such days I find the time to thank God for directing my steps to Dr. Korman's office.

I give my permission to display this information in Dr. Korman's reception room so other patients can appreciate her as I do, more than any other chiropractor I visited in Southwest Florida. Beyond all doubt, the entire staff is very caring and attentive to all the assignments they had scheduled to ease my pain and to bring me comfort."

~ Rafala  9/2009

"I was in agony. My lower back, my left buttocks, and left calf was so painful that I could hardly walk. I suffered with this a couple years ago, and this time it lasted for two weeks. I tried Dr. Korman then, and at that time, it got better. I went to my primary doctor first, who prescribed a muscle relaxer, which knocked me for a loop and I was like a zombie for 24 hours. It did nothing for the sciatica. Then on the second day I took only half of the pill, with the same result. With the chiropractic, after only 2 or 3 treatments from Dr. Korman, I could already feel the difference. Now, I am totally relieved of any pain."

~ Mary  9/2009

"I had lower back surgery in 1999. More recently, I had been suffering from lower back pain and left leg pain that was progressively getting worse since December 2008. I was not able to stand in one place and had to walk slowly. I was in constant pain yet I did not want to take pain medication. My neighbor, Joyce, gave me a card for a free office visit and x-ray at Dr. Korman's office. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was desperate for help. I began treatment at her office and the impact was unbelievable. I ask myself, "What took me so long?". My quality of life has improved 100%. Dr. Korman may be small but she is one powerful woman. I cannot thank her enough. I am pain free, enjoying life."

~ Jan  8/2009

"I had pelvic pain, lower back pain, and pain in my thighs. Doctors gave me steroids and pain pills but the pain always came back. I had been suffering with this pain for nearly one year. There were many things I missed out on doing with my friends and family. I lost many work days and had to count on others just to maintain my household and work duties. Then a friend from my church recommended Dr. Korman to my husband. Chiropractic has helped my problem. I have not even completed my therapy yet and already the difference is amazing. Just to have relief is wonderful. I am beginning to get my life back."

~ Tracy  5/2009

"Prior to seeing Dr. Korman I could not walk. I was in pain from my waist down to my ankle. My wife had to help me dress. I needed crutches to get around. I suffered for about three months. I had to stop golfing, playing bocce. I stopped doing anything, even driving. Then I heard about Dr. Korman from a neighbor and a friend. I am now back to normal, doing everything I always did, even washed my two cars."

~ Salvatore  4/2009

"Before seeing Dr. Korman I had a pain in the neck and major headaches for about two months. I was taking Ibuprofen every day for a couple months. I would get such a bad neck ache that I would get headaches that sometimes made me nauseous. I was then referred by a friend to Korman Relief & Wellness and almost from the first visit, I felt better and the headaches have stopped."

~ Donna  2/2009

"Prior to seeing Dr. Korman I was having severe headaches and pain in my neck. I had visited a chiropractor six years ago, but the problem was not fixed. I had been suffering from this condition for six years. When I would have a flare up, i would not be able to work and the headaches made me physically ill. I was always in pain. Then a friend referred me to Dr. Korman and upon seeing Dr. Korman, within the first week, my pain was gone. I feel like a new person. My energy level is up and for the first time in six years I sleep through the night and wake up without the pain."

~Patricia 1/2009

"What brought me in to see Dr. Korman was severe pain in my neck, low back pain, and both knees hurt (knee replacements). I was unable to walk long distances and my bowels were constipated severely. Now, my health is great. I am now on a 2-3 week adjustment, my bowels are great with the help of magnesium, and I am taking four less prescription medications. I now take healthy supplements. I have 80% more energy and I am very thankful for Dr. Korman."

~ Joyce  5/2008

"My neck and back hurt and I had stomach issues, weird, lower, right pain, and I was on different medications for over 10 years. I had day surgeries and more medication. I was at my wit's end! I had nausea every day for almost 2.5 years, side effects of the meds, wasn't getting much sleep at all, and was miserable and depressed. Now, I'm feeling 100% better since going to Dr. Korman. No more nausea!! Not depressed. She has me on supplements that helped my stomach to the point I'm off all of the stomach drugs/meds. I come in for an adjustment as needed. My neck and back cause me very little pain now. So glad I found Dr. Korman. She's very caring and helpful."

~ Debra  2/2008

"Before coming to Korman Relief & Wellness I was using a wheelchair almost constantly. I could not stand to shower--my daughter made a special shower; I could not stand more than two minutes without severe pain and spasms; I couldn't walk without excruciating pain and spasms; I could not carry five pounds of flour or potatoes; I couldn't sit without pain and spasms; I could not bend and get up without help. Everything was a chore and pain and severe spasms were almost constant. I was almost paralyzed by cold. At a pain clinic I was told- 'you have to live with it, nothing can be done'.

Now, I seldom use a wheelchair, rarely have spasms, pain is tolerable and, at times, gone when relaxed. I could never relax before. I can stand in fairly long lines, walk fairly straight and longer distances, carry 20 pounds without pain and/or spasms. I sleep without pain and through most of the night, and I get up rested. I can sit to drive, sew, eat, watch TV  and visit for long periods. I can bend and get up without help. Now, I am tolerating cold without stiffness and pain. I thank God all the time for bringing me to Dr. Korman."

~ Arlene 

"After my surgery, I was still having severe pain, but after a few treatments with Dr. Korman, I can finally sit in my favorite recliner. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say I'm at a 7 (of feeling better). We still have a long way to go but I am confident I'll be pain free soon." 

~ Ginette 3/2007

"Before I came in to Korman Relief & Wellness I had a stiff neck on the left side. My right leg was shorter than the left. I had to take pain pills to move both. I could not stand up straight. This all occurred from a fall. Now, my neck moves with ease. I'm standing up straight and am starting to walk without pain. I have been to many chiropractors but no one's hands can compare with Dr. Laura Korman. She makes me feel most comfortable and without pain."

~ Geraldine  3/2005

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